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Thread: questions about wrists and forearms

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    questions about wrists and forearms

    hey guys im new here..

    ive been working out for about a year..working out at the gym from january this year..gained about 33 pounds though i started of very light at 108 pounds

    my forearms and wrists seem to be relatively skinny in comparison to other parts of my upper wondering how much of this is genetics and how much of this i can improve with more wrists and forearms have grown a little but not much..

    my routine is three times a week i normally put in my forearms at the end with reverse curls and palms-up barbell wrist curls.. can anyone give me some advice..thanx

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    Easy, on arm day, do hammer curls or reverse curls, it'll work both the forearm and bi's. To increase wrist side and grip strength do that as well as farmer walks...which is lift heavy dbs and walk around with them as long as possible.

    Some people might say deadlifting, and well you should be but that's more full body and not as focusing arms but that'll build the hell out of your grip strength
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