I would like to start making my own bars b/c of the price. I have a few questions and comments I would like some help with.

I am overweight and my main goal is to get the fat down and the muscle up...

1. 6'4"
2. Started 8 weeks ago at about 286 pounds (fat)
3. Currently at 256 pounds (still fat but better!)
4. Lifting 3 days per week (upper body 2 days per week, lower 1 day then switch the next week)
5. Doing cardio 3 days a week...jog 2-3 miles or ride mountain bike for 45min-1hour...
6. My current goal is 235 pounds........

Not looking to get huge, just lose the fat and build muscle.......

Here is what I've been eating
8 smaller meals per day consisting of either
1. egg whites, wheat toast 2. chicken sandwiches on wheat 3. chicken with pasta, bell peppers and onions 4. EAS Advant Edge Bar (about 5 a day) 5. Occasional EAS Myoplex shake

I would like to know the following about making my own bars::

1. I've heard the Bars I'm eating are junk but I would like to keep something with the same protein levels, no more fat and around the same carbs if possible b/c even though they may be junk, I am losing weight, they taste great to me, but they are just expensive.

2. They are 2.12oz each, have the follwoing values per bar (I eat 5 a day + three real meals)

Fat 7g
Saturated 5g
Trans 0g
Cholest 0mg
Sodium 150mg
Potassium 135mg
Total Carbs 24g
Dietary Fiber 1g
Sugars 1g
Other Carb???? 22g
Protein 21g

They also have tons of vitamins, but I think this could be taken care of with a daily vitamin.....

Does anyone have a recipe for good bars that would have close to the same contents? Keep in mind, I'm trying to lose weight right now...I have taken a look at a few bar recipes and they scare me a little b/c of the calorie content per bar..

Also, if your bar recipe requires protein powder, should I get somehting specific or just go to Sam's (Costco) and pick up Whey protein in the big jug???

Thanks for all your help again