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Thread: Good site to learn how to do exercises?

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    Good site to learn how to do exercises?

    I tried searching both Google and the forums here for good sites that show you how to do certain lifting exercises with proper form for maximum gains, but I couldn't really find any? Is there any that is recommended that will give me a detailed look at how to do the exercises?

    Also, as a side note, I am considering starting on WBB#1, is that a good routine to start on or is it too advanced for a beginner?

    Thanks everyone in dealing with my lack of weightlifting knowledge!

    PS I apparently accidently posted this message in the diet and nutrition forum, so if a mod wants to delete that copy it would be great!

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    I consider WBB1 a great start for a beginner.

    Check out this site for different exercises:
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    Haha I responded in the diet forum and provided the exact same link.

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    don't take this as sarcasm but, and search like weightlifting and such I have found many new lifts this way. They all seem to be working.


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