Hey guys. I havent posted in this thread.......in months I'm guessing. Since I started reading lyles books and getting a hold of other bodybuilding books/info (dont forget from this site) I havent really had anymore questions.

Anyways. I've been bulking for about 4 months now with pretty good results. Right now I'm doing a short PSMF and I've noticed how terrible my left arm looks in comparison to my right. When I'm full (carbed up) they look the same. When someone asks you to show your "muscles" you do a double front bicep pose. My left short head (i think thats it) just isnt as "long" as my right arm. So if I gave a most muscular pose they look fine. I've been doing preacher curls to try and fix this problem but it hasent worked as well as I'd hope. Maybe I just need more time? I've only been doing preacher curls for 2months. I'm thinking maybe to superset dumbell and EZ bar preacher curls?? Maybe that will catch up my left bicep. Anyone with any similar problems let me know how you fixed it. All my other major bodyparts are on track thanks to built