Hi Guys

well i'm a total newbie to this weight lifting stuff...and all the excercises tend to mess me up a bit. i'm not sure if this is overtraining or wheter its just that i'm doing the lifts wrong.

I was just wondering whether anyone knew any sites that had actual demonstration videos of lifts, so that i know exactly how to do it. Or if any members have any videos that they could upload to give me a helping hand.

Bearing in mind i'm not exactly a juggernaught as of yet! 17, and what most of you guys would call skinny. 60KG and 6ft tall. Oh, and i'm not taking any supplements, and i'm not really planning to either, other than protein shakes and stuff...if they count

dunno how much of that was relevant to the question, but hey, like i said, i'm a newbie...and i don't know what info you might need!

Thanks in advance