Since some people were interested from another thread, i thought i would post how i fry skinless chicken breasts with just water..

It is sometimes hard, and i have never made more than 3 in a row that taste amazing but if you want to give it a shot, here it is.

I start by heating the pan for a minute or so, then i add a small amount of water (maybe half an inch) i let the water get hot,
then i put the chicken in. The aim is to keep the water very hot but to not have the chick submerged much. To do this, you constantly
have to add water, and ideally you want to have a golden brown residue being left by the water as it evaporates. Just as the chick starts to stick or burn, you need to add a small amount of water. Hot water is preferable
so that it takes less time to reheat, but either way works well.
Towards the end of cooking, there will be a fair amount of golden brown sludgy stuff (which is the good stuff) the more sludgy stuff
(thick sludge) the better it will likely be. At this point, you want to start letting the chicken be more exposed to the hot pan and sludge, so less water is preferrable. Its ok to cut the breast open towards the
end to check if its cooked, but dont turn it again if you do.

The problem with this is, that you ahve to tend to it constantly during the 20 mins of cooking, but its worth it if you can be bothered.

Errors, or bad times: The most common error i faced was the outside being fairly dry and somewhat bland, but i found the inside was usually still great.

I ended up getting about 70% success rate of a fantastic breast.
Good luck, let us know how you go..