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Thread: Beginers Gains For legs only?

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    Beginers Gains For legs only?

    In my first months of weight training I was the typical moron who completely disregarded legs and would work mostly upper body. Don't get me wrong I did do some leg work,and I did have a full body routine, but lets just say it was always the first day on the skip list if I couldn't make a workout. Anywhey quite some time ago a friend of mine turned me from my ignorant ways and really got me started on doing proper leg work. Lately I've been seeing HUGE gains in all of my lifts which incorporate legs while my other lifts have stayed the same. Even though I'm pretty sure I know the answer to this question I'll ask it anywhey. Is it really possible for one part of the body to see this such incredible begginers gains even after I've been lifting for so long? Has anybody else had experience with something like this? Thanks guys.

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    yes thats the nature of the beast. you gain significantly for almost all body parts once you start working out. only parts that you dont really see much gains are small muscles like deltoid, forearms (at least for me).


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