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Thread: I dont understan something about fat burning.

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    I dont understan something about fat burning.

    sorry for the DUMBASS thread but i have a question about fat burning. it might sound dumb, but here it goes.

    ok well we all know doing cardio on a empty stomach burns max fat and cal. ok also if you do to much cardio you will start to burn muscle fibers correct, but can the body start to burn muscle fibbers before every and i mean every given percentage of body fat is gone.

    Please dont get pissed off about the retarted thread, just like to know,

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    yes, your body can use your own muscle to feed itself even if there is fat present. and there is always fat present. otherwise, you'd be dead...and decomposition is kind of gross.
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    Im going to insert a related question:
    If doing cardio after a workout wont your body go for muscle and fat decreasing the efforts of the lifting session? me reap of what I sow....

    and BOOM goes the dynomite!


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