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Thread: royce gracie i hate him

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    royce gracie i hate him

    I was just watching ufc 3-6 over the weekend and i hate royce gracie. I hate bjj as well, what a boring art to watch. I'd watch kung fu, or boxing any day of the week compared to watching royce gracie lay on his back and hug people ( ken shamrock). The other thing i hate him for is the fact that if he didn't have his gii to hold and make a lock that can't be broken he'd be up a creek without a paddle! i'd love to see him go into a match with no uniform to make locks with, he'd be screwed. The freakin guy isn't **** without his sleeve to hold on to! let me know if you feel the same. i know alot of you love bjj so i figure you'll be pissed.

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    Maybe it's because you don't understand what is taking place. Either way, I'm closing your thread because it has no purpose other than to start an argument.
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