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    Hey everyone, been a minute since I've been on..

    I've recently become somewhat (healthy) obsessed with living longer. Reason is cancer runs in the family and to be honest I started smoking at 13 years old, it's been a steady habit from about 16-present. I'm working on quitting but it's hard, I still crave and if I have a drink I'll bum one or two.. With two little girls to look after I want to make sure I'm here for the better part of their lives.

    Anyway, we all know the good that antioxidants can do, but is fresh whole fruits and veggies the only way? How do you know if you are getting an adequate amount of them? Is there a supplement, like the Greens+ but for antioxidants?

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    I take catechin tablets
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    i thought this might interest you.
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    I take Juice Plus. It's 6 capsules a day, 2 veg in the morning, 2 fruit in the afternoon, 2 antioxidants before bed.

    Basically you get about 200-300% of everything you need.

    My dad got me on it. Haven't really noticed any major change but I guess it's doing something right?
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    Quote Originally Posted by jamrock
    I've recently become somewhat (healthy) obsessed with living longer.
    The primary cause of aging is oxidative damage. One way to work against this is to eat foods that are high in nutrients. Anything that is highly nutritious will contain some form of anti-oxidant. Some inconspicuous ones are Vitamin C and E.

    The other way to combat this is to eat less. There is a correlation with caloric intake and life expectancy.

    This is very contrary to the advice that many get around here. It's common for someone to be chastised for eating lower calories.

    Sometimes it's not all about LBM and BF%.

    That said I'm sure the life expectancy of someone who trains and eats smart is higher than the average couch potatoe.

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