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Thread: Delt exercises and their effectiveness

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    Lateral (side) Delt exercises and their effectiveness

    Which exercise do you guys find the most effective for building up the lateral (side) delts? I've been doing dumbbell shoulder press (seated) and sometimes a set or 2 of lateral raises (although these seem too light to be effective).

    Who has done dumbbell and barbell (military press) at different times, and which has worked better for you?

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    Age: 22 Height: 5'-8" Weight: 175 (6-10-07)
    BF: 13.2% (6-10-07 w/ calipers)

    Bench: 300x1 (9-22-06)
    Squat: 285x4
    Deadlift: 225x10

    Long-term Goals
    Weight: 180 BF: 8% Bench: 315x1


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