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Thread: 2 year anniversery (no engage ring and done the promise thing)

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    2 year anniversery (no engage ring and done the promise thing)

    Hey all, I been with my girl for 2yrs now (feb.18) and need a gift idea. I've done the promise ring bit but dont feel we are ready for the engagement ring. whats kind of an in between gift do you think? come on hurry, I need something, I'm running out of time.
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    Get her a nice necklace or ring or something...with some roses and some candy...don't make the necklace/ring seem like a proposal though..since that's what you don't want. Then have a candlelight dinner at your house or maybe even reserve a section at a restaurant and have a candlelight dinner there...maybe even outside if it's clear out...

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    My girlfriend and I just had our two-year anniversary on January 7 of this year. I found myself in a similar situation as you now are in. I had already bought her a ring and wasn't yet ready to go for the engagement ring. So I bought her these white gold and diamond earrings with yellow gold accents. Worked out pretty well for me. I think the bottom line is ya gotta get her something at least half-decent.
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    You should watch the movie "Love Stinks." She was expecting an engagement ring on their anniversay. When he gave her some diamond earrings instead, she ran down to the beach and gave the old heave-ho. The movie's hilarious. You'll definitely relate.

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    well...she prolly is expecting an enagement ring now, so you don't want to buy her any other kind of ring is good....but i'm thinking something along the sparkly tennis bracelet line......or earrings if she's an earring kind of girl. but you can't go wrong with the tennis bracelet.
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