Or the musings of a professional WBB Lurker

Man, I gotta post something, I havenít posted in forever and everyone else has, like, hundreds.

So what can I post?

Maybe Iíll start a new thread.

What can I ask?

How Ďbout ďAm I eating enough?Ē Old news, maybe ďAm I eating too much?Ē


Am I over training? Am I under training?

Man I gotta post something. Did Tryska just post again? Thatís like 500 this week.

Gotta Post, Gotta Post

ďAm I a hard gainer?Ē Duh! ďAm I a starved easy gainer?Ē What!?

Gotta Post, Gotta Post

Dude, what if I get flamed? What have I written that Chicken_Daddy can flame? (Can I call him Chicken_Daddy? Isnít his real name Rob, or was that someone else? Who is this chigs guy anyway?

Gotta Post, Gotta Post

Oh man and it should be something cool, I should look cool in front of Yates and Hulk and those guys.

Gotta Post, Gotta Post

I could always ask PowermanDL or MonStar about a routine. That is safe. Of course then Iíll have to post my routine and it will be open season for everyone.

Gotta Post, Gotta Post

Smilies! Thatís it. I use smilies. Maybe this Oh wait, isnít that trademarked by Sinep?


Gotta Post, Gotta Post

Hold Everything! Iíve got it now.