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Thread: Trevor Berbick Found Dead

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    Trevor Berbick Found Dead

    Trevor Berbick Found Dead

    28.10.06 - By Jim Amato: Reports out of Kingston, Jamaica are saying the former WBC heavyweight champion Trevor Berbick was found dead. His death is being treated as a murder by police. He allegedly died from a wound to the head caused by a sharp object. Berbick represented Jamaica in the 1976 Olympics and turned professional in in September of that year. Berbick won his first eleven fights before being taken out in one round by Bernardo Mercado in 1979.

    In 1980, Berbick stopped former WBA title holder John Tate. That win eventually led to a 1981 title shot against WBC champion Larry Holmes. Berbick lost a unanimous decision. Two fights later, Berbick met Muhammad Ali in the Bahamas and handed Ali the final defeat of his career.

    In 1982, Berbick upset Greg Page but the lost to Renaldo Snipes. In 1983, Berbick lost an upset decision to S.T. Gordon. Berbick came back to win eight straight fights and in 1986, he met the reigning WBC heavyweight champion Pinklon Thomas. Trevor won the title and in his first defense he agreed to fight Mike Tyson. Berbick was taken out in two brutal rounds beginning Tyson's reign of terror.

    Berbick lost to Carl "The Truth" Williams in 1988 and to Buster Douglas in 1989. Legal problems led to a couple of stints in jail for Berbick and pretty much stalled his career. A 1996 loss to Hasim Rahman finished Trevor as a serious contender. He lost two of his last six bouts and retired in 2000.

    Berbick had 62 fights, winning 50 of them, with 33 knockouts. He was only stopped twice. At the time of his death, he was believed to be 52-years-old.
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    remember watching tyson-berbick live at my grandfather's house
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    RIP.That's shocking
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    More up to date news:
    KINGSTON, Jamaica (AP) -- Former heavyweight champion Trevor Berbick was found dead in a church courtyard Saturday with chop wounds to his head in a suspected homicide.

    The TV news says it was a machete.. what a terrible way to die.. RIP

    Quote Originally Posted by Roark
    remember watching tyson-berbick live at my grandfather's house
    I remember that Ali beating he gave.. he was quite sad.. Ali was so ill and Berbick was so young..
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