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Thread: You know what would be the coolest gym-lifting atmosphere?

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    I don't understand what everyone's fascination is with lifting old, beat-up, rusty weights in a crappy, unsanitary gym. It's like everyone feels the need to be "hardcore". Old-school equipment doesn't make you hardcore, busting your ass in the gym does.
    You've obviously never tried to lift weights with a nasty case of tetanus.

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    Meh, Lockjaw never stopped me from lifting HYOOOGE.
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    I have to say I am happy with the gym I go to already. 8 blocks from my work and 85% of the ones who show up are very serious. A rock wall would be cool though.
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    The guy that got me into lifting back in 1987 was massive , his dad was massive and all his dads buddies were massive . They were a bunch of roided up old men .

    Anyway one of his dads buds owned a gym called the Training Station . Pretty much a dump but it was dark and had just one little light over each machine . You thought you were in a dungeon . Evey one worked out in bare feet and half didnt have shirts on . Some big old suckers .
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