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Thread: What routine would you construct with these moves ?

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    What routine would you construct with these moves ?

    Ive been training for a fair while now but im wondering what would be the best routine to make out of these moves? I change it every few weeks but dont seem to be getting anywhere.

    I work out at home so ive only got a chin-up bar, bench, and lot's of free weights ( i like to keep it raw anyways ).

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    Bench Press 5sets

    Deadlifts 3sets

    Barbell Curls 3sets

    Dumb bell Squat 3sets

    Chin Ups 3sets

    Military Press 3sets

    Dumb Bell Flys 3sets

    Overhead Tris 3sets

    Alternate Curls 3sets

    Leg Extension 3sets

    Dumb Bell Rows 3sets

    Dumb Bell Press 3sets

    Crunches 3sets

    Upright Rows 3sets

    How would you make a routine out of those moves ? What would be best ?

    Thanks for any help...

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    Actually, limited equipment is perfectly fine. It seems you have the basics covered there (ie., lots of solid compound movements like squats/deads/bench/military presses/rows/chinups,etc.). I might ditch the upright rows for fear of rotator cuff damage, but otherwise, you're looking fine. You can also try some olympic lifts such as clean&jerk if you get bored with the basic compound movements.
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    Have you looked at the WBB and BGB routines?
    Most of the exercises there you can do.

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    i would agree. you have the basics all in place, and you can have some fantastic workouts with just that.

    i would say keep the upright rows as they are a very good exercise, but as mcirish said, rotator cuff damage can occour so be sure your form is good.

    you may want to perform leg extensions for working up, as this is an isolation movement unlike sqats, lunges and the like.
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    Thanks for the help guys. You might have noticed ive only got 1 tricep exercise there, i used to do close grip bench but carnt anymore because i dont have a spotter.

    Do you guys know any good tricep exercises that i can do with free-weights ?


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