i've been going to the gym on and off for about 3 years now, but i've decided to get dedicated and to achieve my goals!

i am 18 and currently weighing about 128lbs at 5ft 9"..i know..a bit light lol. but i can bench like 70kgs 3x12? dno if thats good or not. My bodyfat is around 12% i guess? never had it worked out or checked.

i wake up about 7am and have 2 bits of toast with some scrambled eggs + a protein shake mixed with water. around 1:30ish i have a chicken and bacon sandwhich from tescos with a bottle of water. pre-workout, which is at about 5pmish i'd have a protein shake and throughout my workout have a lot of water. after an hour or so in gym i'd go home and at about 7 eat dinner, which is usually some lean meat like steak and salad/vegetables.

I train tuesday/wednesday/thursday *i know they arent the best days but it's becuase i have college on those days and the gym is free*

After Christmas i'll be driving again and can go to local gym on other days and re-vamp my routine schedule so i can have more rest between days.

My goals are to put on some lean muscle so i can get up to about 70kg (~155lbs) in weight and to get my bodyfat just under 10%. I was thinking of doing something like chest/bi's/abs one day. then rest. back/tri's/abs another. then rest. quads/hammies on last day. then rest.

need some tips/advice on what kind of exercises to work these muscle groups. plz! ^_^