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Thread: Effect of "the pump" on endurance running?

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    Effect of "the pump" on endurance running?

    Ok so here is the deal. I used to be able to run for just about ever. Then I started weightlifting seriously in the last 3 months, and stopped running longer than about 20min. Then yesterday some guys are running by my house and invite me to join them, and I do. We run for about 25min, and I have to stop because it feels like my feet/calves are going numb. I had never felt so stranded in my life, because I was a couple miles from home and running was no longer an option.

    Right now I just now got home from doing chest/back section of wbb1, and my "pump" or whatever is slowly fading. And it is being replaced with an almost numb feeling, similar to what it feels like after a limb "falls asleep" and then wakes up. The same feeling I felt during my run.

    So I am thinking that my running caused a pump in my calves, and then it faded, and left that sensation that made it difficult to run. Anyone else experience this? Maybe with all the heavy lifting, the slow twitch muscle fibers are gradually turning to fast twitch? Is there any way to combat this? I love my size and strength gains, but it was a serious downer to have to stop running after 25 minutes. This was steady state by the way. I do some HIT cardio as well, but I love my steady state. Hopefully other runners will know what I am talking about and can give me some guidance!
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    just continue to train for distance running if that's what you're after. force your body to adapt.
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    So basically, you lack the cardio fitness you used to have.

    I find that cardio fitness is the easiest to gain back between strength and endurance. Just start running for longer periods of time and you will adapt.


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