When people say lift heavy, what's considered heavy relative to the lifter? Just heavy enough to barely get 8 reps if that's your goal? But at what sacrifice, your form? I have had this problem before where I'm always focused on my form because I won't compromise the increase in chance in pulling my muscle just to lift heavier.

For example, if I'm doing DeadLifts, I usually just warm up with 25 lbs on each side (I know..I'm weak) and I get 10 easy reps out of that. I do 2 more sets adding ten lb plates per side per set that means my third set I'm DeadLifting 135 lbs, and I get about 8 reps and I'm struggling to keep my form. I hear people say LIFT HEAVY, but what about lift heavy and keep form. EVERYONE SAYS LIFT HEAVY LIFT HEAVY. I believe in that, BUT I FEEL AS THOUGH NO ONE HAS SAID ANYTHING ABOUT MAINTAINING FORM? Is it even important when you lift heavy OR is it not?

I've heard that for advanced lifters who lift really heavy use a swinging motion for any exercise because it's a must with the weight they use. Is this true?

Just to let you guys know how new I am with lifting and what I do on my work outs:

I've lifted since my Junior Year in highschool and I'm a sophomore now. I've never improved much until I reached college. My routine is as follows:

bench 135lbs 3x8
Incline DB 60lbs 2x8
Incline Flys 30lbs 2x10
Cables Flys from the bottom 50lbs 2x8-10

DB Lateral Raises 20lbs 2x10
DB Front Raises 15lbs 2x10
DB Press 40-45lbs 2x8

Cable Pushdowns 100lbs 2x12
Lieing Tricep Extensions 55lbs 2x12

Run for 15 minutes

DeadLifts 95lbs 10 reps
115lbs 10 reps
135lbs 8 reps
Seated Cable Rows 110lbs 10 reps
120lbs 10 reps
Wide-Grip Behind-the-Neck Pulldowns
100lbs 8 reps
120lbs 8 reps
Pull ups- 2x7

StraightBar Curls 75lbs 2x8
Hammers 30lbs 2x10
DB Curls 30lbs 2x8-10

Squats 135lbs 3x10 (slow)
Leg Extenstions 110lbs 2x10 (slow)
Leg Curls 90lbs 2x10

ERG for about 15 minutes.

This is my routine for 6 weeks then I rest a week and change my routine when I start another 6 week cycle. Since I'm in college, my diet isn't quite controlled because school food is not that good. I don't have a car so I can't really go shopping for my own food and my frig isn't as big as I'd like it to be to store enough food for a week.

Any Input please. What's lifting heavy? I'm sure I can DeadLift more than 135 lbs, but I don't want to pull my back. If I slap on 185 I bet I can get it up because I have the determination to do so, but I bet my form would be sloppy, even for that one rep. Help guys? Anyone and Everyone.