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    I have a cyst on my upper back/neck area. I had someone pop it before but now it's back. I've had it for about a year now.

    When I went to see the doc about my forearm hurting (it was tendonitis, all better now) I asked him if he could take care of it.

    He told me just to leave the cyst like it is and do nothing to it. He said that if I get surgery it's going to leave a big scar. I could care less about that.

    It's weird having a somewhat large HARD ball on the upper back/neck area.

    When I had my cyst popped before it was similar to this youtube video:

    The white stuff that comes out are dead white blood cells and that is why the smell was so horrible (think really old cottage cheese smell).

    My question is, if I just leave the cyst, wouldn't the WBCs continue fighting this infection?

    I'm thinking in regards of how this will affect my body and ability to gain muscle when my body will always be fighting this infection.

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    Go to a different doctor, and ask him to remove it. "It'll leave a scar" isn't exactly a compelling reason not to get rid of it.

    If you'd be really bothered by a noticeable scar, you could go to a plastic surgeon and see what he/she thinks is the best way to go about removing the cyst.
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    I sincerely doubt it's going to have any impact on your ability to gain muscle. A benign cyst isn't anything that should concern you from a health perspective, but there are no issues with having it removed - in fact, I'm sure the scar would be pretty small. The reason the cyst returned after you popped it is that you didn't remove all of it. You will need to have it surgically removed if you want it to be gone forever.

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