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Thread: Dumbbell Curl or Dumbbell Hammer Curl - and why

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    Quote Originally Posted by hoser813
    How is what he said absolutely wrong? He said hammers create a fuller arm, which you dont know what exactly he meant by that... it could mean a bigger forearm which would be a "fuller arm" and you supported that through your post. Sounds like you are mixed up too.
    He said a fuller arm. When people say that, they usually mean thickness of the arm. Then he states curls concentrate on the bicep. Yes, that is wrong. If he didn't mean this and meant "bigger forearm", I'm sure he would have said that, but he didn't. Lol, don't bother defending someone when you don't even know what they meant by what they said.
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    Quote Originally Posted by CancerVII
    What exactly is the difference between the muscles they work?
    These links lists the muscle groups each exercise works.


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