OK, so similar to the other bet at the office thread, there is a guy at my work claiming to be superhuman and say he can do a one arm dumbell curl of 200 lbs.

here is the guy, he is about 6'4", 250ish. he is a world champion arm wrestler who has videos online and is respected in the arm wrestling world. I won't post his name or his videos until he says it's ok(wont be til monday). he claims that he "does it all the time".

I said absolutely no way can ANYONE one arm curl 200lbs. also similar to the other bet thread, he will put "anything" on the line. I just said 100 bucks and he said we can do it any gym. Now I need to find a gym with dumbells that go to 200 lbs, I believe Golds does, will need to double check.

Here is my question, what is the most you have seen/heard/read about anyone doing in dumbell or barbell curls? I know this guy is full of it, but even WSM cant do this lift, am I wrong?