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    Offseason Football Lifting

    Last year this time I started WBB1 following the football season, looking to bulk up and get stronger and I had great results. But this offseason I'm looking to add more explosion and power to my arsenal and improve my performance on the field. So I've come up with a routine that I'm thinking of being on while bulking. Its very similar to when I did WBB1 as far as exercises just set up a little differently and some more explosive movement added. So what do you guys think?:

    Upper Day 1: Chest, Back
    Incline Bench (DB or BB)
    Dips 2xAll
    DB Flys

    Pull Ups 2xAll
    DB Bent Over Rows/Barbell Rows (alternate each week)
    Seated Cable Rows

    Rest Day

    Lower Day 1: Speed/Power
    Box Squat
    Leg Press 2x10 (focus on speed)
    Standing Calf Raises or Calf Raises in Leg Press

    Rest Day

    Upper Day 2: Shoulders, Bis, and Tris
    Military Press or Push Press
    Standing Lateral Raises
    Shoulder Shrugs (DB or BB)

    Close Grip Bench or Pulldowns
    Barbell Curls or DB Hammer Curls

    Lower Day 2: Strength
    Good Mornings
    Hack Squat Machine (optional)
    Seated Calf Raises

    Rest Day

    4 sets for compounds, 3 for everything else, reps of 3, 5, or 8, alternating each week
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