Well, here's the thing - I don't watch TV, don't even have it turned on. My entire entertainment center focuses around my computer and ps2, no television feed.

So, I miss the good stuff. I was recently recommended the series Lost. My fiance and I watched every episode (including the dl'd ones from season 3 on itunes). Now, I'm wondering what other TV series I may find to be comparably enjoyable down at the video store.

The problem is, since I don't watch TV or listen to the radio, I can't even really name a series, let alone have a clue about which are decent and which are not.

The series '24' came up, and sounded good. Definitely want to find others though, as I loved Lost, and doubt that's the best of them all (although I guess I wouldn't be hugely surprised, I recall TV sucking pretty bad when I stopped watching it forever ago)