This is my typical set/rep in bench press.

145 X 15
155 X 12
165 X 10
175 X 8
185 X 6

I am wondering if this is too many reps or should I do less reps with more weight or what. I always thought that more reps with less weight would make you more ripped and big weight with low reps would make you stronger but I don't know that to be true anymore after talking to people.

My current max is 215 lbs but that is also all the plates I have.. (I don't think that is tooo far from my max anyway though..)

I'm mainly wanting to get bigger not as concerned with getting stronger. I also use a pretty narrow grip which I was told works the arms more instead of chest.

Is this a good setup or should I be doing it a lot differently?

Your help and/or input is appreciated.