Hello everyone,

In between sets today, I started to think about the differences between pulling sumo vs. conventional. I've always pulled sumo because, when I first learned how to deadlift (about 5 years ago), the proper form for this style stuck with me much more vividly than a conventional pull. However, my friend (and training partner) pulls in the conventional style. So, when it was my set, I tried to focus in on what muscles groups were contracting to execute the motion.

I'm 5'9 with pretty good flexibility, so my starting position has the top of my thighs parallel to the ground, and my pelvis position, and consequently my back chain, is nearly vertical when I keep the bar on my shins. In a pull, I inhale, contract the abdominal core, and thrust out to lockout with what seems like a ton of emphasis on my quadriceps, adductors, and glutes compared to my back.

On the other hand, a conventional deadlift seems to work the back more because of the starting position of the pelvis. With your feet closer together, the starting position of your pelvis is tilted more horizontally, recruiting more from what seems like the spinal erectors and the lower back group.

Basically, my point is: does anyone perform both sumo and deadlift in their routine? I'm still on WBB1 and right now I do 265x8x2 pulling both sets sumo. Would it be more beneficial to pull one set sumo and one set conventional, or am I just making a mountain out of a mole hill here?

By the way, i've been a dormant member for about 5 years now, but just recently started weightlifting again (I know, that's college and injury for you). This website has always provided me with a ton of great resources, both online and in person (Belial! It's Chris, the skinny asian kid you helped out my freshman year). Now that I train with purpose, i've gone from 140 lbs (starting weight freshman year of college) to 152 lbs (weight at the time of graduation, 100% beer and terrible senior year, have-to-cook-for-yourself diet by the way) to 182 lbs (now MS1; approximately 2.5 months of training, still fat, but good fat - if there's such a thing). It's a great feeling hitting the gym and going from 95 lb deadlifts to 265 lb reps.

So, thanks WBB!

Edit: My signature is so old, that new year's resolution is almost 5 year's old. Better late than never I guess.