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    Mikes Journey

    Mikes training log, but first my background

    1961 - 1982 the Kid in New Zealand
    - Great runner
    - Weights in the last years. 82kg/180lbs bench at 64kg/140lbs body weight

    1982 - 1989 Lost in OZ (Australia)
    - Bit of bike touring, but pretty much sweet F.A. like many other 20 something’s

    1990 - 1995 the Runner
    - Wind back the clock, relive that youth

    1995 - 2000 Passion Gone
    - Injured knees (10 years, thru to 2005)
    - Getting fat

    2000 - April 2004 Born Again
    - Weight lifting. 100kg/220lbs bench at 87kg/191lbs body weight
    - Bicycle commuting. Knees hurt, but it was a start.
    - Running failures. 5 attempts to restart running have all failed.

    April 2004 - April 2006 Rollercoaster
    - Bike accident April 2004. Hurt shoulder, broken rotator cuff but didn't know.
    - Bike accident May 2004. Hurt leg, cannot walk properly for 2 months.
    - Join commercial gym. Ironically stationary bike is all I can do [boring zzz], but leg gets better and then;
    - The "what do I suck at” training. Have a go at pretty much everything from Abs to Yoga (what starts with Z?) to learn what I'm not
    Good at and add focus. Hey there’s a hunk of bone floating around in my shoulder, but I don't know that, just hurts a little.
    - 6th attempt at running. Success! The problem is solved by running faster. Good technique at speed, from youth but lousy jogger.
    - The diet begins. 90kg/198lbs bench at 82kg/180lbs body weight. 100kg/220lbs bench at 74kg/ body weight.

    April 2006 - September 2006 Shoulder Death
    - Quit weights, yoga. Bad decision
    - Continue boxing, combat. Bad decision
    - Join bicycle racing club. Some serious bike training.

    September 2006 Discovery Time
    - Visit shoulder specialist, learn the truth. Man was I stupid.
    - Drop boxing, combat
    - Commence Pump (light weight/high rep semi aerobic weight training) and yoga. Special shoulder injury exercises.
    - loosing interest in running. The Kid is dead.

    October 2006 to ? - Patience Grasshopper
    - Now riding with serious riders. Aerobically I'm the fittest I've been since I was a kid.
    - Cross training continues but is wound down a little. Running / Cycling / Pump.
    - Increase Yoga to supplement shoulder injury exercises
    - Commence conventional weight training. Impose bench limit of 80kg/176lbs (78kg/172lbs body weight). Superset shoulder injury exercises.
    - How to stay motivated? Investigate power lifting - continuing.
    - Body is now a mix of strengths and weakness's, need to be patient and focus on weaknesses before lifting weights that will injure those weaknesses

    so the 4 quadrants of mikes training are;
    Injury recovery
    Injury prevention

    And the breakdown of those quadrants are [highly debatable];
    Aerobic 80% cycling 20% pump
    Strength 50% weights 25% pump 15% cycling 10% yoga [really different types of strength]
    Injury recovery 40% shoulder injury exercises 30% yoga 15% pump 10% weights 5% cycling
    Injury prevention 70% yoga 20% shoulder injury exercises 10% rest

    What can I say cross training is complicated.

    1. Recover from injury
    2. Put body back in balance
    3. Rebuild strength
    4. Maintain weight
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