OK, I going to compete in my first PL contest on Dec. 9th.. 27 days from today. I could really use some help with your best recommendations on what to do before then. Of coarse, real life events like business travel and the Thanksgiving holiday are in there.. so I've tried to accomodate. Competitors comments especially welcome and appreciated.

Last 5 days Workouts:
Wed: DE Squats & ME Bench
Thur: DE DLs & ME Traps
Fri: Light Upper Back & Abs
Sat: light cardio
Today: Squats - Couple of heavy Singles, Walkouts
Next 27 Days:
Mon-Nov. 13: - Heavy DL Singles, Heavy BP Single
Tues-Nov. 14: Biz Travel
Wed-Nov. 15: Biz Travel Hotel Light Cardio & Abs
Thur-Nov. 16: Biz Travel Hotel Stretching & Pushups
Fri-Nov. 17: Biz Travel Hotel Light Cardio
Sat-Nov. 18: DE Squats Light Upper Back
Sun-Nov. 19: DE BP & Heavy Abs
Mon-Nov. 20: DL reps - medium weight, maybe a 20 repper
Tues-Nov. 21: Light Upper Back - including Traps - perhaps some OLs
Wed-Nov. 22: Squats 20 rep session - light abs
Thur-Nov. 23: Thanksgiving-Gym closed - Charity work all day
Fri-Nov. 24: Family all day event
Sat-Nov. 25: Heavy ME BPs & Med Upper Back
Sun-Nov. 26: Heavy ME DLs & Heavy Abs
Mon-Nov. 27: HEavy ME Squats
Tues-Nov. 28:Biz Travel
Wed-Nov. 29:Biz Travel Hotel Light Cardio & Abs & Pushups
Thur-Nov. 30:Biz Travel Hotel Light Cardio & Stretching
Fri-Dec. 1:Biz Travel
Sat-Dec. 2: DE Squat & DE BPs
Sun-Dec. 3: Light DLs - just to flush out any tightness
Mon-Dec. 4: Med Upper Back
Tues-Dec. 5: light BP & light Abs
Wed-Dec. 6: Rest - Light Stretching
Thur-Dec. 7: Rest - light Cardio
Fri-Dec. 8: travel 2.5 hrs to contest location
Sat-Dec. 9: CONTEST!!

Whatta ya think??
Thanks in advance for your comments.