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Thread: please help with training for sister - absolute beginner

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    please help with training for sister - absolute beginner

    am also going like to post this in Nutrition etc too because I need that also, I am going to post it for a maximum of response. I hope that you dont mind.

    Could someone please honestly help with ideas for a training and nutrition program for my sister. She currently weighs 191 lbs and would like to weigh 132 lbs by July. Do you think this is is possible? I said sure.

    Currently, she is not exercising and I aim to implement a proper execrcise routine for her if you have any suggestions. She is a smoker, drinks once per week and does not have a lot of knowledge of nutrition. So this is gonna be werk.

    At this point she is aiming to make a turn around in her life and move into a healthier way of living. I have been giving her some basic eating and exercise tips that she needed, so if you can offer anything for a beginner that might be helpful to her then it would be appreciated.

    I want to start her exercising at home because she has a self esteem issue with gyms at this point.

    I was thinking of obviously organising a diet that is orientated to weight loss, with a basic cardio routine. We live inner city so I am going to give her some time skipping (with a rope) for 30 mins 3 to 4 times per week. I would like to get her to start running too because there is a massive and beautiful park across the road that she could do a cardio session in.

    Maybe Tryska would be a good person for advising for girls, any bookmarks that you have on girls health and exercise routines for women would be nice, because I can get her to educate herself, maybe even sign up on this site too.

    Right now what I want is a home based program that she will stick to. I have a swiss ball, and skipping rope. Any other equipment that might be helpful?

    I know that a lot of people will say to join a gym, however I dont think tha she is ready for this. Let's give it three weeks on proper nutrition and training before this.

    She is 23 years old and about 170cm tall

    weight loss
    good upper body and backstength
    - doesn't want to get bulky (blah blah)
    - she has back probelms currently with Scoliosis, an incorrect curvature of the spine.
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    doh. i just replied to the same exact one in diet with the training info too. *lol* sorry.
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