I've been working out for a 8 months or so now, and my arms, abs, all the little and big muscles in my back.. lets just say pretty much everything has gotten bigger and more defined..but my chest seems to be making the least progress..its gotten more dense and a bit bigger..but nothing really noticable..
i've been trying to make it wider by doing wide grip bench and push ups but its just not going anywhere.
my chest routine is pretty much, bench press, incline dumbell press, dumbell fly, and dips.
i alternate angles to keep the muscle stimulated and its always sore after a workout but it hardly grows.. also, i've been trying to work the lower part of my chest where most flab is on guys around the nipple by doing that exercise where you grab a dumbell with 2 hands while lying down and raise it forward above your head but that just tires out my triceps more and my chest doesn't really get a workout from it..
when starting chest exercises, i start with a warm up that i can do 15-20 times for bench press, then the next set i put the weight to the max i can do around 8-10 times. and then for the next set i lower it 15-20 pounds and do 8-10 again.. and so on for a total of 4 sets.. with no warm ups on the other chest exercises but still doing 4 sets.

anyone think they can help?