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Thread: Help me go to sleep

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    *Quit meth

    *Unplug yourself from TV, computer, music, cellphone, etc.

    *Read boring books

    *Stop reliving past mistakes and/or glories, Stop rehearsing future events, clear your mind.

    *Get a more comfortable bed
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    ya bed makes a difference. I can't wait til a tempurpedic is in my budget..
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    Quote Originally Posted by bigedge
    get blackout drunk?
    I just followed that advice.

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    getting baked always works for me. if all else fails take a couple unisoms. that should knock you out.

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    I have trouble sleeping some nights because my schedule is off wack. I screw up my hours big time some days, so when I need to get to bed early and wake up early, I can't sleep.
    Another thing that has caused this is anxiety, like someone said. If I just had a good/bad convo with a lady and can't stop thinking about it. But what I'm talking about is 1 night. Your going 60 hrs, this is obviously a problem. Fix it. Now. Go to the doctors, and try to solve this problem instead of jumping on some sleeping pills or some shhit.
    Good Luck bud.
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