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Thread: alcohol + protein shake = bad

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    alcohol + protein shake = bad

    Funny story that I wanted to share with you guys...

    About 7 years ago I was sitting at home. I had about 4 beers and was getting ready to go out. Well my friends never called, and I ended up staying home. I was just getting into protein shakes at the time, so I decided to drink one before bed.

    The next morning I woke up, and I never threw up so hard in my life! It felt like all my insides were coming out. I felt fine the rest of the day, so I wasn't actually sick...and I know it wasn't the beer alone that did it.

    Has anybody heard of this, or was it probably a coincidence?
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    Um...coincidence. You should've eaten something and drank a lot of water.
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    i've had protein shakes less than an hour before starting my drinking for a night out and i've never once had a problem. And by night out, I mean like 10-12 beers, and/or shots, so i dont think your problem was mixing the two.

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    im going to agree that it doesnt matter that they were mixed...ive done that before too in an effort to not drink on an empty stomach, lol
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    I almost always have a shake before and sometimes after I go out. No problems for me.
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