Ive felt cravings before, usually at the most random times to just lift.

But about an hour ago, I had a fit.

I got very agitated, very aggressive, and very energetic. I needed a dumbell really badly, i was bouncing up and down, and my body felt primed for war, or picking heavy things up, I could feel blood pumping through my body, my heart rate was up, I felt very edgey, and ready to just... do something. It was very weird, it felt like my entire body was itchy, and the only way to scratch was to lift.

all I could think of was deadlifts, just kept visualising the bar and me picking the damn thing up. Trying to feel the strain on my arms as the weight pulled me back down to Earth.

I settled for picking up my bed several times, a 100 pushups, plus I body squatted till it began to hurt.

Ive calmed down now, but that was just weird.

Sometimes Ive woken up in the middle of the night with the craving, but nothing like this before.

If I miss a morning session, Im usually very cranky at school, and likely to snap at anyone who talks to me...

wtf is up with that, its like I need to lift to keep sane... guess thats not a bad thing is it?