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Thread: If you need motivation, check this out!

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    If you need motivation, check this out!

    I was going over some of the threads in other forums and this stuck out to me bigtime. I don't know how many have seen it, but I figured everyone would get a little kick in the pants by taking a peak. I know that my motivation was waning a bit and then I saw this and I'm totally excited/inspired.

    So much for people not being able to gain weight because they have high metabolism or what not!

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    Yea, thats a huge transformation.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ancom41 View Post
    Yea, thats a huge transformation.
    damn right it is, that kid made leaps and bounds! hats off pal!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Holy crap!!! Impressive is not the word.

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    yeah he realy did a great job on getting big.
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    i was just about to pass on my before bed meal and then i saw those pics and i immediatly went to my kitchen and prepared a feast haha

    great job man.. keep it up
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    Looks like he went from 12 years old to 20 something.

    No offence to the previous you.
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