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Thread: BGB Hip/Ham Day

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    BGB Hip/Ham Day

    Hey all, I've been doing BGB for the past several weeks and I feel pretty fatigued after the first three days, but on this day I'm not feeling it so much.
    I'm doing the following for legs:

    Romanian DL 5x5
    Good Mornings 3x8
    Leg Extensions 3x12

    Now, the leg extensions are hitting my quads good, but I feel the RDL in my back a lot more then I do in my hammies. And I don't feel much of anything from the GM's.

    Now I've checked both

    And my form doesn't seem to be the problem...

    Any tips for either exercise?

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    Sometimes with good mornings i wouldn't 'feel' them until the next day. I wouldn't get 'pumped' or even that tight, but the soreness, that's another story. GM's own
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    Well with RDL my back fatigues, soon as I set the bar down I can walk around and not feel a thing in my legs.

    Same with GM's, nothing. Not even a feeling of use the next day.

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    You probably aren't doing them right.

    You should feel a stretch in your hamstrings when bending your hips, then once you feel the stretch you return to the standing position.

    If you're not feeling your hamstrings stretch, you're not doing the exercise correctly.

    Don't feel bad though, because those two exercises, I feel, are the hardest exercises to get the hang of. However, they totally kill the hamstrings the next day.
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