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Thread: refluctuating physique during a cut

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    refluctuating physique during a cut

    I was weighing 175 in the mid of october and now I'm weighing 169. I don't see any major changes and I plan on cutting until mid january (162). I'm eating around 1800-2000 calories a day eating a lot of chicken breats, steaks, milk, peanut butter sandwiches, cheese whiz sandwiches I also drink LOTS of water obviously and sweet Iced tea at times. I'm on vacation in P.R till after new years and ive gone to the gym twice so far the nights I don't go to the gym I'm not so sure if I cut enough calories so I'll do pushups and leg raises for the hell of it. I notice that when I eat and get bloaded I look bigger and full but when I get cold or shower or not eat I look less defined slightly but I dont like it. What I want to know is, if this is all normal? the no major changes and all as of now.
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    I believe it's common to have "flat" looking muscles when glycogen is low. Maybe that is what you're experiencing. Maybe I'm wrong.

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    Stop checking yourself out in the mirror. Enjoy your vaction.
    Go check out some little hotties body instead.
    Face it: biceps are the muscle that classifies you as a muscle man.

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