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Thread: Need help gaining weight currently 104 pounds

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    Need help gaining weight currently 104 pounds

    Hey guys

    Well i just recently came across this site and started reading your post and quickly decided to join. Im not into the body building scene yet but i want to get started since i was diagnosed with IBS( Irretable bowl syndrome) and a good way to manage that is by massive exercise. The only problem is that i have lost about 14 pounds. Im now 104 pounds.

    Many foods have been cut out of my diet due to my sensitive stomach. So i was wondering if there is a weight gaining powder that will quickly help me gain weight.

    I can no longer have any wheat, corn, dairy products but soya milk i can have. I can no longer eat any red meats. But i can have skinless chicken. I have to go on a high fiber diet. I can have fish and egg whites. Another thing is that i have to have more frequent meals and i cant eat as much as i want.

    The reason why i am posting is that i dont know much about the ingredients in these weight gaining products. And i been to a health shop and they guy just tried selling me many things. So im asking anyone if there are any products out there that might be beneficial to my situation. You can also email me at

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    Hey look at it this way, you just got forced into the perfect diet. Try eating:

    Boneless chicken breast
    Some tuna
    Egg whites
    Beans of all types
    Peanut butter
    Pork chops
    Oatmeal (good for the heart!)
    Every other kind of fish
    And lots more veggies
    ... In massive amounts!

    Then go lift some heavy weights! You'll be in the best condition of your life, you'll feel great, you'll look great, you'll have great self-esteem, you'll be healthier than ever, and you'll have a great joyful sense of accomplishment.

    I hope to see you around more!

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    Hey Dee.....just so you know, you're not alone here. I've been dealing with ulcerative colitis for about a year now. I dropped from a solid 195 down to 160 or so earlier this year. I'm back up to about 180 now on a good day. You might try the whey isolate.....I think it's geared more for lactose intolerant people. It's still a dairy based product, but you can at least try it and see how you fare. I eat a lot of goats milk yogurt (I don't do regular dairy). I use a protein powder thats pea based, and it seems to help. I've added natural peanut butter recently and I seem to be tolerating it pretty well, and it's got a relatively high calorie count. Free range chickens, free range chicken eggs, grass fed beef, lots of deep sea fish (salmon, tuna), steamed veggies of all's a full range of foods but it's expensive and time consuming to prepare. I'll also do Quiznos or Subway from time to time as well. It's tough, but I'm gaining mass and will too. I'd encourage you to go ahead and do the weight training. It will only help.

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    I have IBS as well, to put it mildly. It hasn't really affected my training besides limiting food choices. Pick what you can eat and eat a lot of it. A whole lot.

    How new are you to your diagnosis? I'm going on 20 years diagnosed.

    First off, you CAN have those foods on your 'bad' list. You will pay a horrible, horrible stomach wrenching price for eating them... but you can eat them and your body will absorb them for nutritional value. You will quite likely want to die during the process, though, so you have to choose your battles. I refuse to let it rule my life and will eat ice cream no matter how badly it hurts... sometimes. In small doses. With Pepto Bismal beforehand.

    Second off... Pepto Bismal! If you're going to eat something you suspect will nuke you (eating out in particular... you never know exactly what goes into things) take some beforehand. I *wouldn't* take it before a post workout shake because it would probably slow absorbsion. Then again, that's just what we need.

    Third off, weight gainers and protein supps? They're dairy. Most days whey doesn't get to me... but some days it does. If you're particularly dairy sensitive I'd steer clear of these supplements. You won't know without trying, though.

    Fourth off, don't get plain soymilk. It tastes horrible, in my opinion. I get chocolate and it's ok.
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    If you're looking for a protein powder, buy something that is pure whey protein isolate. The isolate form has less lactose than the concentrate form so it's your best bet as far as something not affecting your stomach too much. If you find that even whey protein isolate bothers you, you might be kinda SOL as far as a protein powder goes. Good luck

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    This is the pea protein powder I was talking about. It's a bit pricey, but the protein and calorie #'s per serving are comparable to whey, and I'm pretty sure it's completely non-dairy. I'm going to start using some whey to see how I problem is less about food than yours. Food can aggravate my problem, but it's not the source of it.

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    I was once diagnosed with Crohns so I know what your going through. Recently the doctor concluded that I dont have Crohns (for many reasons).
    But that still doesnt mean I dont know anything.

    Try using protein powder that is egg white based. Ive seen it around and it should bother your stomach.
    As well, eat ALOT of natural peanutbutter. Its a great source of fat. Dont forget to take multivitamins. The fact that you cant have red meat will affect your iron levels.

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