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Thread: Lion Hunt Anyone?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Invain View Post
    I agree that the Lion hunt was pretty lame.

    But answer this, who here hunts for Deer? Pheasant? Turkey? Elk? Moose? Coyote? Fox? Do we need those animals to survive? Definitely not. Are they harming us or posing a threat in anyway? Definitely not. Then how is shooting a Deer much different than shooting a lion?

    I actually have a friend that went to Africa for a Safari hunt for spring break with his dad. I wouldn't mind doing something like that myself. At least it's a little more challenging knowing your prey could possbily kill you than say sitting in a treestand picking off a deer that has no clue your there.

    Yes, I hunt, a lot. I'm like sharkall, we have our deer processed, and don't even care about big bucks and such, we just want the meat. Some people are different though.

    I just don't see how killing a Lion equates to the possible end of the world. And I'm sorry stevec087, but that wiki article is rediculous. I take every new scientific theory with a grain of salt. Half that crap is just made up from a bunch of over paid scientists working in a thinktank and is never even close to being proven.
    Some animals won't run when humans are present. When people hunt elephants, it's not like there's a huge chase involved-it's just about fire power. A deer will run from a human. A lion, elephant or another animal such as these may not-basically it defeats the purpose of the hunt and you're just target shooting. I'm not COMPLETELY against hunting, seeing as I've done my share, but I feel like people should be honest about it. Most hunt because they want to kill-not eat the meat or control population. To me it's kind of disrespectful to hunt a lion, because after all they're the definition of power, sexual prowness, and a symbol of courage. To me they deserve more than to be shot for no reason by a human that's much inferior when it comes to physical power, sexual prowness, and courage.
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    Lions kick ass...

    that is all.

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    Aside from all the debate on whether or not its right. Thats some crazy stuff! I would of needed new pants.
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