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Thread: Gain strength but not weight?

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    I'll try to answer the questions as best I can..

    I lift like an idiot.. I don't really plan my programs out, I just go in knowing i want to do something and I do it.. I followed a high volume routine for a few months that worked great ( i'll paste it below) and then i did a bunch of random reps and 30 rep sets for a while, which made me strong as balls.

    My raw lifts are as follows..
    I only squat wide in my suit, so i dont have any raw wide squat, but my best close stance squat w/ knee wraps is 500 @ 165(Usapl style)

    I've benchd 315 x 3 raw, and an easy 330 ( i wanted to say i bench 2x bw raw, lol )

    I recently just pulled 590 w/ just a belt sumo... been training conventional now, gonna work up to 565 x 3, and maybe give 605 a run.


    I did this routine below for about 2 months when i had the time ( now im working full time +school full time ).

    Day 1 Squats
    Close Grip Board Press - mid reps
    Hamstring Work
    Hip Work
    Ab Work
    Light Back Work

    Day 2 Bench
    Rear Delt Work
    Chest Work
    Light Shoulder Work

    Day 3 Deadlifts
    Heavy Back Work
    Hip Work
    Hamstring Work
    Ab Work

    Day 4 Military Press - Strict
    Upper Back Work
    Trap Work
    Squats - Light
    Tricep Work - Heavy

    That worked great for me.

    One thing that I do that alot of lifters don't, is ridiculous amounts of cardio. I'll run anywhere from 3-5 miles a day to keep in shape and keep myself lean.

    I hope i answered most of the questions!
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    Those weights you push are really heavy for someone who does carido

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    cardio is key, lol

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    simple answer yes you can do. And yeah escpecailly since your more about power yeah thats the most imortant thing for you so that can defintly increase it while you lose your weight. So both can be done

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    Here are some of the best articles I know of for getting stronger. Both are by Kelly Bagget, an absolute expert on athletic training and BB.
    This talks about getting stronger and is probably the best aritcle I've ever read on the subject...
    ...and this talks about the CNS and recovery of it compared to recovery of your muscles.
    6'0" 180
    Vertical 29" Running= 37" 40= 4.70
    Big 3: Squat= 320
    ........Bench= 275
    ........Deadlift= 350ish?
    OL: .....Clean= 270 150%
    ...........Snatch= 200 111%

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