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Thread: Extreme Muscle Mass Gain, Extreme Fat LOSS

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    Extreme Muscle Mass Gain, Extreme Fat LOSS

    Hi, I am new user, and I have some questions.....please!

    I am entering the World of BodyBuilding (wanting to enter), I went and registered a Memebership at World Gym, and am currently on a Weight Loss diet.

    I was 235, about 3 weeks ago, and right now I am am 208....

    The only activity I ever did was Gymnastics for 8 yrs, and I was like 175 at age 17 with about 5% body fat...
    I'm 5'10, well I quit that activity, and balooned to 235 of pure fat.

    My diet includes to much grapefruits, grapefruit juice, slimfast, and that's pretty much it....used to be whatburger, and pizza, almost everyday...

    I wanna Bulk up, and I mean realllly Bulk up.
    I have been researching so many different workout routines, but there is so many different one's I wouldn't know which one to pick.

    Should I lose more of my fat before going in to the gym? WIll I build muscle on top of fat, and then look fatter?

    please help.....thanks

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