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Thread: Need Your Help and Honest Opinions

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    Need Your Help and Honest Opinions

    Well, the time has come to get a new (well used) car.

    My daily beater (1995 Saturn SC2) got broken into a few weeks ago and has become very unreliable. The decision has been made that it is time to purchase a new car. I don't really have all that much money, only about $10,000. I am looking to buy from a used car dealer, and hoping that along with my trade in, I will be able to talk the dealer down a little bit. If that all works, I should be able to pull something that is listed from a dealer for anywhere $13,000 and below.

    Anyway, I am having some trouble deciding what car to get. I know I probably need to personally test drive each of these, but right now that is not possible. I was wondering if any of you driven two or more of these or had any information or opinions you would like to share.

    The current choices are (All would be manual):
    2003+ Volkswagen GTI 1.8T
    2000-2001 Audi A4 1.8T
    2002+ Subaru Impreza WRX
    2001+ Acura RSX (hopefully Type-S)
    2005 Scion tC

    What do you guys think? Anyone have experience with these? Anything I should add to the list?

    Thanks again.
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    I have an acura RSX...Honda usually makes one of the most reliable cars out there IMO. Although mine got broken into and my system got jacked

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    Scions seem to be pretty reliable. One of my best friends has one. Anything made by Honda is great.
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    I'm a Euro car guy, so my vote would go for either the GTI, A4 or the WRX.

    I think it'd be tough to find an RSX in that price range......a decent, reliable one anyways.

    Depending on where you live, the A4 with Quattro AWD would be nice for seasonal weather. Both that and the GTI have the 1.8T, which is a good engine - decent gas mileage/power mix. You're not going to be blowing the doors off of other cars (which obviously isn't your goal), but you'll still have a little pep.

    WRX is also nice for it's engine and AWD purposes. I personally can't stand the interiors of Japanese cars, but to each his own.

    Scions are pretty cool - I'm not a big fan due to lack of power - but I don't think you'd be going wrong.........they seem to be built pretty solid.

    One last thing - DONT GET ANOTHER SATURN!!

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    IMO, you cant beat a German car. That being said I would prefer a VW over an Audi any day of the week.
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    Thanks for all of the replies so far...

    A real fast car seems real exciting, however, I am not going to be racing or anything. So one car necessarily being .2 seconds faster in the 0-60 isn't the strongest factor in my decision. Additionally, I have come to the realization that insurance on the RSX Type-S, GTI 1.8T, or the WRX might be ridiculous, so I have been trying to think of some other options. Speed isnt necessarily a huge thing as im sure any car I end up with will be an upgrade from my saturn. I have started looking into the 2005 Scion tC, 2004 Mazda Mazda3s, and the 2004 Mazda Mazda6s. Anyone have any opinions on these? Would the insurance on these be any lower than the others?


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    I'm a big Volkswagen fan. Never cared much until I owned one...and my eyes were opened.
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    I really like my friend's 03 GTI, but if it were my money, I would buy the Subaru.
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