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Thread: Tweaking BGB

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    Tweaking BGB

    I've been thinking about switching to BGB but i have a couple questions first. My main concern is that it seems like some muscles would be overtrained. It says to put biceps on either leg day, which would have your bicep workout look like this.....indirect>direct>indirect>rest, doesnt this seem like too much bicep work without resting? I was wondering if it would be a bad idea to put a bicep set on one of the upper body days, probably the day that works chest, and then add a tricep exercise on the other upperbody day. The whole routine would end up looking like this
    Day 1: Horizontal Push/Pull + Bicep exercise
    Day 2: Quad Dominant (full upper body rest)
    Day 3: Vertical Push/Pull + Tricep exercise
    Day 4: Hamstring Dominant (full upper body rest)

    Any thoughts/suggestions? Thanks

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    393 could just do BGB...i would recommend that

    too many people wanting "modified" this and that's probably better to just do the workout since it's already proven to work

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    That's fine if you think your arms will get overtrained.

    The reasoning behind the direct arm workouts in the BGB routine is that you'll be hitting those muscles more often, and hitting them more often can = more growth.

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    Two indirect and one direct hit for the biceps a week is fine (assuming you are not overdoing the volume and are only doing as many sets as BGB tellls you to do) BGB works on the principle of frequent (mostly) indirect hits.
    I also tweaked BGB and changed the bicep workouts, bit of a mistake really as my arms started to plateau. Now I've gone back to 2 indirect and 1 direct hit and halved the amount of bicep isolation work.
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