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    MonStar1023 NHE + HST Journal

    I have decided to start a new journal since I am starting a new training program that really isnt too old in itself. It needs some guinea pigs and I have decided to be one of them. Hopefully this was not a mistake.

    Those of you who want to view my first NHE (Natural Hormonal Enhancement) journal it can viewed here.

    ... this is the original NHE journal that brought my weight from around 235-237 down to close to 210 lbs. The results following the NHE Eating Plan speak for themselves. I am not going to change anything in regards to diet.

    Thorazine has a journal where he trains using HST (Hypertrophy Specific Training) over at which is here. The link is to page 4 of his journal where his HST experience starts.

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