Story so far:

Began working out about 6 months back to get rid of excess weight.
Played soccer for years and didn't need to work legs as when I stopped playing, weight mainly went on top half and face, damn fat-head!

Didn't have a specific routine, so went into it doing 20 mins bike, then onto weight machines and free weights.
Been lurking here for a few months, excellent site btw, and got into lifting heavy.
Like lifting heavy as light weights and high reps bore the ***** outa me.

At a stage now where I need structure,training wise and diet wise, so as the title of this thread says, time is my biggest enemy.
I only have the time to get to the gym from 6.30am - 7.30am, so I need to make this as efficient and to the point as possible.

This is where you guys come in!
I have decided to try a modified version of WBB1 to start.
I need your feedback on this please: good points/bad points.

All exercises are 3 sets 12/10/8 Increasing weight each set

Day 1:
Flat bench
Incline bench

Day 2:
Weighted crunch

Day 3:

Day 4:
5 min bike warm up
Leg extensions
SL Deadlifts

Day 5:
Military Press
Seated DB Press
Standing DB Raises
DB Curls
Seated 1 arm Overhead Ext for tris

Day 6:
Weighted crunch

Day 7:

Diet will be tracked on fitday.

Apologies for the long thread, but I may as well get it right first time.

Thanks in advance