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Thread: shoulder injury

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    shoulder injury

    about a month and a half ago in my ju-jitsu class the teacher was showing me a takedown and i fell wrong slamming my shoulder into the ground from the top of it. i couldnt move it for like a min and then i started to get feeling back in it
    well i stopped going to class for a little bit not wanting to agitate it
    after a couple of days of stretching it and working it i was able to gain some more movement w/o a very large amount of pain.
    the other day i had the day off so i decided i would try and do shoulders at the gym since i havent done them since i hurt my shoulder BAD IDEA!!!
    i could even complete my warmup set it hurt so much
    i tried another set and i had to leave cause it hurt worse than when i initially fell on it
    what i dont understand though is that i havent even noticed anything in the past like month or more
    my shoulder hasnt affected me at all
    but when i did the first set of shoulder press it killed me and it hurt soooo much i couldnt take it
    my ju-jitsu teacher thinks i might have torn something small and it just affects that specific type of movement
    i dont know wat to do
    any suggestions on wat to do?
    plus any workouts suggested that might allow me to still do shoulders would be greatly appreciated.

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    i dont know wat to do
    any suggestions on wat to do?
    Go see wat the Doc says?!
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