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Thread: DL speed off the floor

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    DL speed off the floor

    I have seen some vids of people who have so much speed off the floor with some good weight. I am curious if this is something I can train with a westside approach to my DL. I can pull 315(conventional) with good form, speed off floor is pretty slow. Once I get higher in wt my hips want to go high to get the wt moving (I know a vid would be gold but I don't have one). Is it that I am not strong enough to generate the speed I am looking for or is it more technical and mabey form related? I will get a vid the next time I DL.
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    try and do some speed/dynamic deadlifting. mabye its time to switch up your routine so you can do 2 sessoins per week (one ME and one DE) to help improve your speed. i know that cleans and snatches have really helped my speed off the floor. the explosive power in both lifts, especially with cleans, really carries over to deadlifting and rowing.
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    yeah do some dynamic work with lighter weights and keep the form solid u will develop speed off the floor, and learn how to explode from the middle, like simutaneously driving your feet through the floor and pulling back through thr glutes and lower back, it will give u the best results
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    somebody mentioned that today, saying if you can just get it off the ground and start the momentum, it really helps the lifts.

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    since we are on the subject....has anyone here ever dropped deadlifts in favor of power cleans? im thinking about doing that, but i can only do about half the weight for reps.

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    the guys i train with use chains with the dynamic days. so pulling fast and explosive with chains seems to be another option

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