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Thread: You ever feel like quitting?

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    Wow, so much awesome advice in this thread, I am really happy that you guys put in the time and effort to help me out. It's far more than I expected.

    Thanks again

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    Quote Originally Posted by JamesBOMB View Post
    You think alot of people feel good after busting there ass in the gym, not getting there rep goal etc? If I acted on how I felt AFTER a workout I would have quit the gym and put my car into a pole long time ago. Its not how you feel the 1hr of lifting or the 1 hr after. Its how you feel when your walking down the street and catch a glimpse of yourself in a window and go DAM.

    Good JamesBOMB - I see many people using the last three sentences in their signature quotes!


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    Quote Originally Posted by Phenom View Post
    I got into lifting about 5 years ago, but i've been lifting seriously for about 3.5 years and looking at the big picture I'm not happy with my results. I gained about 25 pounds since when I started getting serious (from about 160 - 184). I hear about people on here gaining half of that in a few months. Luckily my body fat is no higher than it was when I started, but I've thought about quitting because it doesn't look like I work as hard as I do. I don't think I'll ever be able to stop because I'm always so pumped on gym days to go work out. Even if the results are slow I rather see slow results than no results, but I'll keep working with my routine and diet until I see a rate of growth that I really am satisfied with. I say just stick with it.
    If you gained 25 pounds of muscle with no added fat in 3.5 years, you are in damn good shape. I think most people overestimate their muscle gains and underestimate their fat gains. I see claims of 15lbs of muscle gained in one month... Nah, that's more than 3 pounds a week. Dream on, lol. You're on the right side of the curve.

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    No, I never feel like quitting.
    I think in the end, you have to like working out, not just the results.
    Even if I made little to no gains in the future (unlikely), I'll still be going because it feels good and is good for you.
    That's a picture of Scarlett Johansson.

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    I think youre goal might be what's throwing you off. You want to gain strength and lose weight. Unfortunately, it's hard to gain strength while in a caloric deficit. I would pick one, forget about the other and work on it for 4-6 months. Then switch to the other goal.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ViciousBish View Post
    You ever feel like quitting?
    Quitting what? Life? This isn't a hobby for me. This isn't something I do because I'm bored or have loads of free time.

    It's something I do because I WANT IT. And I will continue doing it even if I never set another PR in my life.

    Lots of people think they want something, until they realize how difficult it is to achieve.

    So the real question is, "Do you want it?"
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    If by "it" you mean more pictures/videos of Jodi.... then yes.

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    Also, i'm going to shut-up and jump head first off this plateau and land in PR lake.
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    Best motivation that works for quite a lot of people.
    having a partner to workout with.

    I cant wait for me and my fiance to start working out togethor. That will keep us so damn motivated!

    Im sure you have friends who workout. If not get them interested.

    And aside from that. Ask yourself.
    • Why are you doing this?
    • Why the hell do you put your body through so much ****?
    • Why do you want to have bigger numbers?
    • Is this really what you want?

    Youve just gotta look inside and see what you truley want. Sometimes we forget why we are doing something because we do it so often. Thats why its awesome to keep a journal. Keep going back to previous weeks to see how you've improved. Give yourself small targets (no matter how small). You might want to just have a target of a 5lb increase on every lift in one month. Its not much but its progress.
    It makes you feel like your still achieving and not loosing sight of your goals.

    As i've said before im no pyschologist or pschiatrist im just giving advice based on personal experience.

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    Everyone gets a little apprehensive now and then. Breathe slowly, put it all in perspective and push it to the limit.

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