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Thread: who has done bill starr's 5x5 while cutting?

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    who has done bill starr's 5x5 while cutting?

    i see most people do this routine while bulking. im curious to see what people think of this while cutting? good results? lately i havent really been following anything specific, just going to the gym, doing a few sets of incline bench, shoulder press, deadlift/squat, rows, sumo deadlifts. basically just trying to do full body.
    so, anyone have success w/ 5x5 while cutting, or would you recommend other routines? only thing i am unsure is it seems to be lacking rows... can anyone testify that its not necessary to have rows and that dead lifts take care of back, or would you suggest including them?

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    Im not sure it would work too well... to be increasing the weight each week would be really difficult, and the routine as a whole is pretty taxing.

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    hmm... yeah that was what i was thinking... anyone else has input on this?

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    Well I'm not sure what's going on with my weight, since I'm not tracking cals nor weighing myself. That being said, I'm getting alot stronger, my legs seem to be exploding and my muscles are getting more defined.

    Take that for what you will. Personally, I think it would be a great cutting routine. It's a short, intense and focused routine. Obviously your strength gains won't be as great as on a bulk, but you'll just have to adjust your expectations accordingly. I would increase the "set interval" in the spreadsheet to 15% to see how it goes.
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    I don't know what you mean when you say that the routine lacks rows. You're doing barbell rows on both Monday and Friday. How much more rowing do you want to do?

    Just a side note, it seems like this routine has really gained popularity on this board lately, which is awesome to see. In my limited lifting experience, I saw my best gains while doing this routine and I can't wait to start it up again when I begin another bulk.

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    Every single rower at my school is currently on the Starr, albeit, without as much ramping, but the same structure. Its perfect. Rowing, makes your rowing finish better. Regular squatting, narrow stance fron squats, hacks, mix it up, and obivously benchin and millies, nothing fancy, everyones making good strength gains on it, and doesnt take too long to do.

    Wich fits nicley with the ergo training we have to do.

    6km, Bill Starr routine, 3x2.5kms.

    Most rowers are dropping alot of weight, and still making very good strength gains.

    I dont see why you cant cut with it... good low rep heavy training, always trying to increase, wich should atleast minimize strength decrease.
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    i might just give it a go. ill have to read this over a few times

    i thought bill starr's program was just squat, deadlift, and then bench. wasnt aware different exercises were used... anyway, i got some reading to do

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    Madcow described cutting on 5x5 as going into a bit of a headwind, but it is certainly possible to gain strenth while losing weight on this program. It seems like a lot of volume, but the first 2 sets of each exercise are super light.
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    Agreed. You can cut while on it. It will be hard work, but worth every effort.
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    I've lost 5 lbs on it, but i'm not gaining in strength, just maintaining basically, which means im not going up in weight for friday's lifts and then not again on Monday. I'm practicing squats though which is most important to ME.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ViciousBish View Post
    I've lost 5 lbs on it, but i'm not gaining in strength, just maintaining basically, which means im not going up in weight for friday's lifts and then not again on Monday. I'm practicing squats though which is most important to ME.
    good point. i do need to just basically practice the major lifts and get my form down. i can deal w/ not gaining strength for a few months while cutting. i think i have decided to give it a try

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    Im cutting on Bill starr 5x5 right now, requires a lot of knowledge on pre/post workout nutrition and good amounts of sleep though. Ive become really dizzy doing overhead press when not eating well enough before the workout for an example. Anyways it is possible to increase strength while you do it just not as much as you would on a bulk obviously, maybe take the ramping numbers and cut them in 1/2 or 1/3 or something.
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