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Thread: Anyone else worried?

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    Anyone else worried?

    One of my good workout buddies got really sick like 4 weeks ago from salmonella. Ever since I've been scared shi*less that it would happen to me. I'm always overly protective, but I'm still worried of getting some kind of food borne illness, since I eat so much, and cook so much meat a week. It seems like it's almost bound to happen. I'm mainly afraid of the fact of losing hard earned muscle. Like when I made my 12 chicken breasts today, i think I washed my hands like 8 times.

    Anyone else fear this? Or do i need some kind of help?

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    I'm always careful with all meats. But especially chicken.

    I feel better safe than sorry.
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    keep a check on clean surfaces and washing your hands, watch what you do and you will have nothing to worry about.
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