This can be a thread to talk about whatever. As long as it pertains to anything discussing about god, religion, evolution, adaptation, alien species, future world colonization etc.

Basically. Lets discuss man's origins or better yet, where we'll end up. Do you think we'll end up meeting ET? Do you think we'll end up blowing up our own planet because we are that dumb of a species??

Two rules. If you break either, I will find you in real life and smack you. You will get my thread closed, and then...I will smack you.

1) Keep it civil. Even if someone has NO facts at all to support anything religion related then be mindful of them. God isnt something you can place in a beaker.
2) Probably no theory is to outragous. There are some theories where our universe is one tiny molecule in the atom on some larger being's fingernail or something like that. Sounds crazy eh? But who gives a crap. Discuss damnit. And please dont post garbage, I'd like to have intellegent arguments, not something you found on youtube.

I think.

That in. 100 years, we will have already spored and started to colonize mars (if not sooner). I doubt we'll ever start to try and populate the moon since its always getting pummled by some kind of space rock.

I also think that, since we have grown to such immense size we will probably cause our own doom. I'd also be willing to bet that different strains of bacteria/viruses will evolve on mars after we seed it. However, people on earth not being exposed to it could get infected and cause a global epedemic. Its really not that far-fetched. This is probably one of the reasons we havent spored mars already, but soon we'll probably become to desperate to wait any longer.